JavaScript Standard Library Revisited before ECMAScript 4th Edition

© Andrea Giammarchi

This JSL revision is more efficient, more powerful and more standard than precedent one but it doesn't support Internet Explorer 4. This choice shouldn't be a problem because IE4 is, finally, no more used by anyone ... but if I'm wrong, please update Your browser, I can't believe You're able to surf this Web 2.0 era!!! JSL 1.8+ Revision is compatible with Internet Explorer 5 or greater, Konqueror 3 or greater, FireFox 1 or greater, Safari 2 or greater, Opera 7 or greater and many other browsers too. JSL Revision goal is to have a quite totally standard ECMAScript 3rd Edition enviroment (where it's possible) to:

JSL Revision Features

About Object.prototype assigned only to Internet Explorer 5

About Documentation

Download JSL Revision

You can test JSL features in this demo page to know if Your browser is compatible. You can view or download JSL source code here (11.41 Kb) or You can use version ZIP File (12.82 Kb) that will produce a pre-compiled (runtime convertions free) page like this one (2.69 Kb) automatically. Please contact me if You'll find some bug in JSL Revision and please leave my credits inside JSL file, it's a MIT-Style licensed project. Thank You. If You want to add a comment please write them in JSL Revision official post (registration is not required).