Isn't a 1kb markdown parser lovely ? ==================================== This entry is a bit out of the *love between people* context but I believe some developer gonna love it in any case! A markdown is an _easy to read and quite easy to parse_ syntax, ideal for documents that could be understood by human, and easily converted by machines. You are reading markdown now! ----------------------------- This document is generated on the fly via the proposed script. Here the code **example** used for this page: this.onload = function () { document.body.innerHTML = markdown( document.body.textContent ); }; You can find a very nice guide about [how to markdown here]( "markdown style guide"). ### What is supported ? * headers with = or - notation * headers with # notation * blockquotes and nested blockquotes * ordered and unordered lists * inline links with arbitrary title * <em> via single asterisks/underscore, or double for <strong> tag * inline `code` via `` ` `` backtick ### What is not supported ? ### * paragraphs are missings * nested lists and nested markdown inside lists * links with references and/or id * raw html is not recognized, validated, parsed * images are not available ( could not fit into 1024 ) > and just to demonstrate it works > > this is a nested blockquote example :-) > have a lovely day - - - © WebReflection